Student, Pianist, Cellist, Athlete, Philanthropist.



I am a Grade 12 IB diploma student at Mulgrave School in West Vancouver. I take Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry at the higher level, and History, Spanish and English Literature at a standard level. I am passionate about learning new things both in and outside of my classes. I am keen on the field of neuroscience and enjoy engaging in discourse about philosophy, history and literature with my peers. I spent a portion of the last two summers at the Pediatric Surgical Research Laboratories of Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, where I learned and observed research having to do with cancer and reproductive biology. I have been learning Mandarin since primary school, Spanish since the beginning of high school, and speak, read and write French and English fluently.

To complement my academics, I play piano and cello competitively, taking part in chamber music and various orchestras over the years, and winning multiple awards locally and internationally. I currently sit as one of the principal cellists of the Vancouver Academy of Music Symphony Orchestra and released my first CD  "A First Chapter" (on piano). I keep healthy by being a member of Mulgrave School's varsity cross-country and track & field teams, ensuring to keep running and training in the off season. Throughout the winter, I ski and skate recreationally.

Throughout the summers of 2018 and 2019, I spent time as an intern in an ovarian cancer research lab at MGH. I worked with a sub-group known as the "MIS group", a team collectively investigating MIS' (Mullerian Inhibiting Substance) ability to preserve female fertility during intense chemotherapeutic treatments. During my first summer at the lab, I learned more about the biological methods used in specific genomic testing, while in my second summer there, I focused on data science methods, using R and Seurat for R, which allow the genomic data to be interpreted. I am honored to have been invited to go back during the summer after I graduate from high school.


“The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person's determination.”

Tommy Lasorda



West Vancouver, BC, Canada