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Since 3rd Grade, I have been initiating fundraising efforts in support of causes in need. The efforts started in 2011 after the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. A few of my friends, from music activities, and I got together and organized our first concert. I continued these efforts on my own with different friends every year and since I have supported causes such as The Japanese Tsunami (2011),​ The drought in the horn of Africa (2012), the Syrian refugee crisis (2013 and 2014), Earthquake in Nepal (2015), Crisis in Yemen (2016), Earthquake in Mexico (2017), and the hurricane in the Phillippines (2018). In total, I have raised 23,000 Canadian dollars that have gone to better the lives of children around the world. In 2019, I decided to write a guide in which I detail how to put together and execute one's very own benefit concert/event. The guide will be published in collaboration with UNICEF and posted here later in 2021.

Making a Difference (Guide Cover)


During my time at PALS Autism School, I organized a music program that was designed to aid the behaviour of autistic children. I first observed their behaviour and after gathering information about their responses to certain musical pieces, I was able to put together a 45-minute playlist of classical music which I learned and recorded for the children at PALS. At the end of my stay, I organized a benefit concert to raise money for PALS, raising approximately $3000.

Me in front fo PALS


I have been fencing since the second grade and have been at Dynamo fencing club since 2012. In 2015, I was invited to be at their West Vancouver Academy where I stayed until 2017. As a member of the academy, I trained with Coach and Olympian Igor Gantsevich and Olympic Gold Medalist Eric Boisse. Due to a knee injury and time constraints with music and academics, my fencing career came to an end in 2017. In 2020, I began fencing again at Dynamo and have my eyes set on competing as soon as the pandemic eases.



Since the tenth grade, I have been an avid runner. My signature events in Track and Field are the 800m dash and 1500m dash. I ran at the BC Track and Field Provincials in 2018 before getting surgery later that year because of a torn meniscus. I was able to rejoin Cross Country in the Fall of 2019 and have been running regularly ever since. Running is my preferred method of relaxing my mind and helps me maintain my physical and mental health.

Last stretch of the 1500m race at North Shore zone


To Complete the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, I kept a precise log of all my extracurricular activities. My favourite aspect of Duke of Ed and the one I am most proud of achieving is outdoor education and camping part. Since ninth grade, I have participated on Rock Climbing, Hiking, Winter camping, and Kayaking multi-day journeys which have taught me a lot about the outdoors and allowed me to form bonds with friends that I would not otherwise have had the opportunity to. The Highlight of this 3-year journey to completing my gold award was undoubtedly our ultimate camping trip, where a group of 6 of us went on a 6-day kayaking trip in the North of Vancouver Island. The wildlife and Scenery were absolutely breathtaking and I will never forget being surrounded by three pods of porpoises.



Since the fall of 2015 (eighth grade) I have been apart of the cello section in this orchestra. My experiences in this orchestra make up some of my best musical memories including the performance of works such as Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No.1, Orff's Carmina Burana, Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue, Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake and many more. I sat principal in my final two years and hope to continue playing in orchestras throughout the rest of my adult life, as it is truly one of my favourite activities.

Photographer_ Lindsay Elliott


For the last 4 years (until COVID-19), I have been volunteering as a piano practice coach, aiding students in developing proper practice habits, teaching them proper technique and even developing their sense of rhythm. I really like giving back to the music community as if it weren't for the student practice coaches when I was learning, I would not have gotten to the same level I am at today.

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